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We’re a consulting and advisory group, whom predominantly focus on funding, advising, consulting and marketing the latest and highest quality Web3 projects.

We believe that the gaming industry will be revolutionised by blockchain technology, and this in turn will be one of the largest mass adoption events into blockchain and crypto currencies.

Within our group we run multiple gaming guilds, currently 400+ members controlling in-game NFT assets.


Chumbi Valley

Chumbi Valley is an enchanting role-playing blockchain game. Built on the Polygon Blockchain. The game will be playable in app form, launching on PC, Mac, Android, and eventually iOS. All in-game items and creatures are blockchain based tokens and NFTs. Chumbi Valley’s visuals and gameplay are completely original and inspired by classics like Zelda, Stardew Valley, Pokemon & Studio Ghibli. Players will be immersed in a mystical forest and spend many relaxing hours raising creatures called Chumbi. Most excitingly, players and Chumbi can work together to be rewarded with cryptocurrency for farming, exploring, crafting, breeding, battling, and more.


A Futuristic Play-to-Earn NFT MMORPG with an amazing blockchain journey full of adventures and opportunities. SIDUS HEROES transports players to a whole new world in which technological advancements have reach a level where they have merged with all living beings, becoming as one with them. The universe is inhabited by 12 tech-based races that represent different blockchains and are already familiar to the community.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a Solana blockchain-based, space-themed, A grand strategy game ofspace exploration, territorial conquest, political domination, and more.. It is a massive multiplayer metaverse set in the distant future, in the year 2,620. It is being built utilising Unreal Engine 5. Players within the Star Atlas metaverse can mine, craft,battle abd trade toobtain and create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) thus enjoying an economy that reflects the tangibility, ownership, and value of real-world assets.


The world of BattleVerse is huge! Everyone can find something to their liking in it. Some of you will choose to participate in battles for rewards and develop your fighting characters in order to fight the best of the best in the Intergalactic Tournament sooner or later. Someone will choose the path of an adventurer or become a famous merchant throughout the galaxy, capable of selling a rusty gear to any robot. Many will become the owners of factories and plants, underground mycelium fields and mysterious groves, bringing good and stable income.


ERTHA is Heroes Of Might And Magic game-type inspired economic, social, MMO game based on exploring and investigating the world, leveling up, choosing specializations, and increasing the strength of your company and your country.
The game is designed to replicate a real-life environment, simulating the actions that people have to perform in order to earn a living.

Synergy Land

Synergy Land is a blockchain multiplayer ARPG game, set in a fantasy world divided into four ecosystems, each based on the following elements: earth, water, fire and ice. The player will take on the role of different types of heroes, exploring dungeons of up to four players who will undertake a great adventure against very powerful creatures, using a fully dynamic and an innovative spell system that will allow players to combine elements to cast spells creating new beneficial or harmful synergies between them. Inspired by popular games, such as Diablo and Path Of Exile, the game aims to combine the best of these worlds where regular and hardcore players will enjoy the gameplay experience as well as an ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFTs, giving to the community true ownership of digital assets.


Edenbrawl combines the action combat of a brawler with the endless depth of a MOBA to create a “Mobrawler”, a unique experience that grips you match 1 and keeps you engaged at match 10,000.

With intense WASD skill-based combat, unique champion playstyles, streamlined player agency, and tactical game modes, Edenbrawl creates an addicting multiplayer experience where no match is like the last.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired virtual world full of fierce, adorable pets called Axies. These pets can be battled, collected, and even used to earn cryptocurrencies with real value. Axie was built to introduce people to an exciting but sometimes scary technology called Blockchain through a fun, beautiful, and nostalgic game.



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